Monday, July 2, 2012

Limited Wardrobe: Style out of Necessity

So I just moved out of my old place.

Since, for the next stretch of time, I'm going to be crashing on a friend's couch, living out of a suitcase, trying to hunt down an apartment and possibly a roommate, and generally rushing about to try to get my life in order, I don't have room or sanity for a huge wardrobe at the moment. It's time for an experiment, then.

Because my workplace is pretty casual (jeans and t-shirt casual), I don't really worry about dressing strangely. In fact, I'll probably be massively overdressed, which I don't mind in the least. I'm rather used to it. However, until I'm established, I'm going to avoid petticoats, oddball barrettes, and really strange looks. And, until I'm established, formal blog posts will be on hiatus.


But this will be an exercise in limited wardrobe for me, I think. Since I'll be, as previously mentioned, living out of a suitcase, there's only so much wardrobe I can afford to take with me at any given point in time. That means I'll be down to about seven skirts and seven shirts, recombining them like a madwoman.

July, then, will be devoid of blog posts but, hopefully, I'll be posting outfit shots. With any luck, I'll be settled enough to resume your regularly scheduled programming in August.

Bear with me; I promise the return will be worth the wait.