Thursday, April 17, 2014

Panels and Petticoats: My First Convention

The weekend before last, I finally went to my first convention, and it was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed spending time with my friends. The cosplayers I met were lovely. The people who asked me for pictures were very polite about it. The panels I attended were (for the most part) full of respectful people; two of them were worth mentioning specifically.

On Saturday morning, I attended a panel on the use of classical music in anime which was hosted by two professors. The chat before the panel was focused mostly on word usage and other nerdy things, and the panel was basically an overview of the use of classical music in anime and the composers who wrote the music in question.

The very last panel I attended was on Revolutionary Girl Utena (which, as you will remember, I am rather a fan of). It wasn’t so much a panel as it was a guided discussion of the series attended primarily by people who had a great deal of passion for the series. I got along very well with everyone there and it was a delightful close to the convention.

And, since this is a fashion blog first and foremost, I've got clothes to show you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Second Blogiversary: New Year, New Experience, New Blogging Schedule

It's my blogiversary again! I've been running this blog for two years, and it's time for a couple of new things to go along with this new year.

New Experience for Me

As I've mentioned before, this weekend, I'm headed to my first convention... ever. I will be taking pictures. I will definitely be sharing them with you a little later this month. I don't know if going to conventions or meeting up with other Lolitas will become a more regular thing, but I can't know that until I've done either once.

New Blogging Schedule

I admit, I'm starting to slow a little in the flow of my ideas, so this year I'm going to drop to every-other week for blog posts. Still Thursdays, just every-other Thursday. I hope this will bring about a higher quality of blog posts and prevent another month-long hiatus like I had to take last year.

I'm also going to take the opportunity to do more research-based posts on historical time periods, because those are a lot of fun. However, since they're also rather a time commitment, I wanted to make sure I had more time to do them.

Thanks to everyone who's been following my blog thus far, and I hope it continues to be interesting for you in the coming year.