Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fashion Stretch: Girls in the Forest

So... this year's been something of a train wreck. I've been nonstop busy and stressed, and the one fashion-related thing that has been making me really happy is that my dear friend K got into mori girl thanks to me and looks perfectly adorable in it. She's developed a style that's lots of earthtones and autumn hues, but she's still not totally comfortable making outfits on her own.

Gee, wherever could she get someone to put together a few sample outfits for her?

I threw these together with her particular needs and uses in mind. The clothing had to be either DIY-able or available in plus sizes. It had to be easily added to a wardrobe that's mostly jeans and t-shirts without the need to go through a full wardrobe shift right away. It also had to fit her shape.

Patchwork Girl II

This outfit is meant to incorporate a really common thrift store purchase (or easy DIY project): the scrap basket skirt. This skirt is in a more traditional broomstick skirt line. K is fond of navy and burnt orange as colors individually, so I combined them here with lumpy and colorful knits and cozy fabrics to make a warm autumn outfit.