Thursday, December 1, 2016

“Are You In A Play?” “No, Just Attending One”: The Lolita in the Audience to get back into blogging has been a challenge, but one topic essentially jumped up and demanded to be written about the other day: Lolita fashion in the audience. We’ve all heard the old “Are you in a play?” comment, but what happens if you’re attending a play? What if you’re headed to a concert? Or even just attending a showing at a local movie theater?

 Pass on the Poof

Yes, I know it’s a bit disappointing not to be able to wear a grand, poofy skirt, but this isn’t the time for your widest, fluffiest petticoats. Not only will your widest petticoats extend over the edge of a seat and infringe on the personal space of others in the audience, they could also make it harder to navigate balcony stairs or theatre bathrooms.

This also goes for attending a concert in the general admission section. Not only will your wide skirts probably get smooshed (and possible spilled upon), they will constantly be invading the personal space of others. Sometimes this can be good—poof has protected my personal space on more than one occasion—but there are still plenty of reasons to keep the poof from getting too extensive.

Instead, go with a little bit of skirt poof. You’ll still look fluffy, but you’ll have an easier time with the event itselfand that event should be why you’re there.