Thursday, December 13, 2012

Corsets For My Cousin II: Brown

This week, the outfits I put together with the brown corset!

Now, remember, this corset isn't exactly what my cousin will be getting, but it's similar enough in design that it works well for examples. Remember, these are outfits put together to illustrate what can be done with corsets to make them look classy and mother-appropriate. The latter element is harder to achieve than the former, I admit.

Another point I'll make is that, because both corsets I'm working with are overbust corsets, they could theoretically be worn without the shirt beneath, but that would be both not mother appropriate and a bit less acceptable for daywear.

Brown Corset IV: Pink and Brown

This one's girly. The printed tight, the vintage floral dirndl skirt, and the lightly ruffled turtleneck all point nicely to a sort of 1950s pinup look, and the corset doesn't interrupt that by adding too much complexity with the accessories.

Brown Corset I: Forest Girl

I went super vintage with this one. I wanted something that would be just a little bit foresty and vintage without falling headlong into mori territory, and this definitely fits the bill. The cloche hat isn't for everyone and could easily be swapped out for a green headband or barrette or something. Add plaited hair and it'd be a bit like a grown up Gretel (which is a look I like, I admit!).

Brown Corset II: Simple and Romantic

This one was largely inspired by my readings of poetry. I like the contrast of the sheer, flowy skirt with the structured corset. Again, simple accessories: just a headband and those nicely detailed printed tights again. Simple and elegant and slightly pastoral.

Brown Corset III: Yes, Virginia, You Can Mix Neutrals

And last but not least, one of my favorite color combinations: black, ivory, and brown. I know people from here to Timbuktu say that black and brown don't go together. Well, fie on them.This one, with a top hat, maybe a different skirt, and some theatrical accessories, would make a great steampunk getup. As it is, it's somewhere between casual steampunk and I-don't-know-what-this-is-but-I-like-it Victorian-inspired... something.

I hope these have been at the very least interesting to you. Next week, we dive into the gothier side of things with outfits designed around the black corset.

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