Sunday, October 6, 2013

Close Encounters of the Frilled Kind: Well, That's a First!

Breaking hiatus to share a story with you guys.

I wear Lolita almost every Sunday. I attend church, and it gives me a good excuse to wear frills at least one day a week. So today I wore a black and gold skirt, lace top (which didn't match my outfit as well as I should like, but a subpar coordinate was fine by me when we needed to be out the door fast) and black shoes. My cousin, visiting for the weekend, wore the skirt I bought for her along with a lace blouse and earrings shaped like a rainbow-colored layer cake.

And now I'm kind of wishing that my coordinate had been better.

You see, after church we went to a local grocery store to pick up some supplies. As we got to the checkout, the young lady working the register smiled at us.

"I like your outfits!"
"Thanks," I replied.
"Lolita, right? I spotted you two across the store, and I love the prints."

I was floored. I have never had anybody know what I was wearing. Usually, people just call it retro and girly and leave it at that. I've been asked if I was going to a "German cultural festival." I've been asked if I was dressed up for a play. But coming across someone who actually knows what Lolita fashion is? Never.

So, yeah. That made my day and I had to share.


  1. Oh, that's so nice <3! What with lolita being a japanese fashion, unlike goth or punk which originated in Europe, people don't really know what it is and it's not easy to find someone who has heard about this subculture. And who would ever think you'd find that someone at the register of a grocery store, huh XD?

    1. :) I have had one friend who had heard of lolita, but she had only seen anime lolita, so her mind was full of lace monsters and giant scratchy maid headdresses. It didn't even occur to her that what I was wearing was lolita.