Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Valentine to My Favorite Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

I'm a plus sized girl. I am also a girl who enjoys fashion. It's been years since I felt like my size was holding me back from developing a style that I love.

However, I also have friends who are around my size or larger who still feel like they can't dress beautifully simply because they have larger bodies. I can't tell you how many times I've heard something like...
"If I were smaller, I'd dress cuter."
"I just don't think anything looks good on me."
"I can't be fashionable; I'm fat."
"They just don't make cute clothes in my size."

Well, I am here to tell you that that is a big pile of crap. Ladies of any size can be fashionable. There are cute clothes out there. And it's your confidence that makes the outfit really look good. In celebration of that, this year's Valentines are going out to a few of my favorite plus size fashionistas and style bloggers.

If you're bigger and need a boost to get your style moving, these ladies' blogs are a great place to start. If you're not plus sized but still want to get a bit of inspiration, I hope you can find it in their blogs because I certainly do.

Georgina at Cupcake's Clothes

Georgina is a common addition to favorite plus sized Lolita lists that I've seen, and she certainly deserves it! This cutie embraces a seriously girly and frothy style that sometimes goes into sweet Lolita or otome kei, and I love it. Especially her pink hair; so many style gurus say that unnaturally colored hair is a major no-no for girls in general and big girls in particular. Georgina proves that is so very wrong.

Georgina also has blog posts about cute things in general, writes makeup and product reviews,  and just generally has a fun to read blog. I highly recommend it.

Audrey of Big or Not to Big

This young lady is a recent discovery of mine. Her vintage-y style and brilliant red hair make me smile. She's super stylish. I mean, come on. Look at that pearl headband and yellow bow combo. How could I not love her?

Because I don't speak French, her blog can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. However, it's totally worth it to see her style.

Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage

Va-Voom Vintage, it will not surprise you, is a blog I read a lot of. Since I love vintage clothing and frequently take inspiration from vintage hairstyles, it was a natural choice to add to my blog reading. More than that, though, Brittany is an adorable midwestern mom with a good collection of vintage and a love of sharing tutorials.

She's even tackled the challenging topic of what plus size fashion IS and the hate she's gotten for her personal choice to lose weight (my opinion: no body shaming in either direction, ladies!). I always appreciate bloggers who aren't afraid to get into the politics of the situation when it's needed, and this in particular is something that bothers me.

Georgina of Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust

When I first saw a picture of Georgina, all I could think was "What a babe!" She's seriously gorgeous and knows how to dress her exaggerated hourglass frame. With outfits ranging from modern fashionable numbers to vintage to old school lingerie pinup shots, there are a lot of styles that she embraces and all of them are inspiring. Mostly, I can't get over how lovely she is.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Georgina, though, is that she gives great advice for bustier girls. Her blog is an excellent resource for information on bras whose sizes extend beyond DD, frilly underthings in larger sizes, swimsuits, and clothes that fit well over a larger bust.

Julia at The Print Fiend

Julia is a graphic designer, and it really shows in her clothing. She's totally unafraid to mix prints and colors (like that second picture!), and that kind of fearlessness is hard to find some days. Julia is also a makeup fiend. I know many of these ladies do some great makeup, but she rocks a red lip very often and it's a fabulous look on her. Again, fearless.

Stoff Im Gehirn

One of my favorite plus sized Lolitas. She makes a lot of her clothing herself, so she's a definite design inspiration to me. I mean, look at that white dress. She made that out of IKEA sheets. Gorgeous.

She's also done some cosplay Lolita, as seen above. That's Lolita Thorin Oakenshield, and it's majestic as all get out. You know my love of character-inspired Lolita, and she does it so beautifully here.

Like I said, these are just a few of my favorite plus size bloggers. There are more that I could list (and may yet in another post)! I hope you find their style as inspiring as I do.

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