Thursday, June 26, 2014

Making Your Living Space a Little Fancier

The topic of interior decorating is something I've been thinking about, and I thought I would do a post on interior design inspired by lolita (and black forest mori and dolly kei). This is also a bit inspired by a post a while back on Les Fleurs Noires on mori kei and shabby chic.
Also, I love  pretty pictures.

Interior Design: Sweet-Classic

A sweet/classic bedroom is a good place to start, because it’s rather a departure from my usual taste.

This is about as sweet as my design sensibilities go. It's very Marie Antoinette, classic and candy-colored. Lots of crystal and porcelain details give this both the antique look it needs and adds a touch of fragility to the image. The bed is especially posh, and I love it.

Interior Design: Dark Classic Lolita

Classic lolita is a favorite of mine, so this study was fun to design.

This is a fair bit more what I am immediately drawn to. I've described my taste in interior design as "Victorian man cave," and it's true. Old-fashioned globes, deep brown wood tones, dusty books, tapestries, and a coat rack fit for a smoking jacket. It's all sort of floating around in my mind and, honestly, it looks like classic lolita.

Decor: Dark Mori

This bedroom set is inspired by dark mori/black forest mori.

When I think mori girl, I always think shabby chic, and this reflects that. I've kept a few shabby chic details - the antique shelf has distressed paint, the crocheted throw adds texture - but dyed most of it black and added a few forest-themed additions. It's fairly simple, but it's woodsy and slightly creepy. Pair it with a few antique dolls and leather books and you've got a witchy woods for a bedroom.

Interior Design: Dolly Kei Inspired

And, finally, a library or living room set inspired by dolly kei.

At the onset, this looks very similar to the darker classic interior design that I put together, but the dolly kei design is differentiated by details. Everything looks shabby, an old anatomy chart and poster of butterfly types add a bit of creep factor, and the non-western design of the folding screen gives it a slightly cobbled-together look. Dolly kei is a style of collage, of combining disparate ideas to create a harmonious whole.

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