Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lolita in the News: The Cut

I always take a look when Lolita (or other subcultural fashion, for that matter) gets noticed by the mainstream. Whether TLC is treating the fashion like an absurd addiction again or a magazine has gotten wind of the fact that there are girls dressing like porcelain dolls, I'm interested to see how the subculture and its adherents are handled. Are we, to borrow a phrase from The Lady of the Manners, Frills: The New Danger! or are we going to be respected as simply an alternative style of clothing?

This blog post got put up today on New York Magazine's The Cut blog. It's a pretty good first look at Lolita with brief mentions of other Japanese street fashion, the online presence of Lolita in Princess Peachie and Lovely Lor's vlogs, and a nod to the difficulty the subculture faces thanks to Nabokov's famous novel. I was pleased to see that they acknowledged that not all the girls in their slideshow were necessarily dressed in Lolita.

In general, I quite liked the post because, unlike so many that I have seen, it actually looks past the frills and takes a moment to listen to the people involved in the fashion. I don't see a lot of that openness in the media, and I greatly appreciate it.

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