Friday, October 31, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Despite the fact that few others in the office do, I always dress up for Halloween. After all, I get one day a year to dress how I want, put bats on everything, and watch scary movies. I am not going to waste it.

This is my Doctor Who shot...

 I tried to keep my outfit fairly simple because I was going to be at the office (though I could have gone frills-to-the-gills and the response would still have been positive). The skirts are my go-to underskirts for all black-based outfits while the blouse and vest are recent acquisitions.

I am terribly disappointed with the way my hair turned out. This is what my hair looked like after adding product while it was wet, tightly winding it around foam roller things, adding a cap to keep it in place, sleeping on it, taking it out carefully once it was dry, and using a hot iron and hair spray to fix the bits that had fallen completely out. My hair, obviously, has not gotten better at holding a curl since I was in my show choir days.

However, as sad as I am about the way my hair turned out, I am very pleased with the way the hat turned out. I couldn’t find a full size hat that fit on my large noggin. Instead, I picked up a mini hat from Target and swapped out the included plastic headband for some grosgrain ribbon and alligator clips.

I love these boots. They’re Funtasma boots that I got on Ebay for much cheaper than the usual price. They’re terribly comfortable. As for the tights, I’m wearing a pair of openwork lace tights that are on their last legs (pun not intended), unfortunately. They have a number of holes in them that I was able to hide for these pictures, and they will be tossed as soon as I’m done wearing them today.

This ring is made from a basic ring base and a WalMart pendant, joined with some jewelry glue. I wanted something obnoxiously spooky for the holiday, and a three-inch wide ring was just the ticket.

Outfit Rundown:
Blouse: Modcloth
Vest: Maurice's
Skirts: Vintage
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Boots: Funtasma
Ring: Handmade
Brooch: Vintage
Hair Flowers: Claires
Hat: Target
And here's just a peek at how silly I had to look to get even those lackluster curls. I look adorable and terribly silly when the curlers noodle things are in. I spent most of the evening singing "The Telephone Hour" from Bye Bye, Birdie and taking pictures of myself.


  1. I really wish I looked that cute on Halloween. I absolutely love your outfit! And the shoes are just perfect *__*