Thursday, December 11, 2014

“Santa Baby, Slip A Sable Under The Tree”: Lolita Fashion-Inspired Christmas Décor

It's time for Christmas decorating! If you’re not into decorating, I hope you at least like looking at the pretty pictures. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, maybe a few of these will give you ideas for year-round décor.

Classic Lolita

Those of you who like a traditional tree? Classic Lolita is the place to go full tilt Dickens on your decorating. I probably don't need to go into too much detail with this one, because this is the sort of thing many people think of when they think of Christmas.

Classic Lolita Christmas

For decorations, this is where greenery and lights and glass bulb ornaments come in. Poinsettias and garland and rich colors everywhere. If you can find a nice, elegant wrapping paper, it can turn presents under the tree into a beautiful element of the decor.

I really love that stocking for classic Lolita because it has ruffles and texture and a rich color scheme, but any velvet or damask stocking would look lovely with the decor.

One thing I always associate with a classic Lolita Christmas is the smell of spices. Whether those spices come from mulled cider or from baking cookies or just from a candle warmer, the smell of cinnamon and cloves is a quick way to get your household into the holiday spirit.

Another decorating option for those who don’t want to focus on the Victorian would be to focus on an elegant color scheme. My favorite is silver and gold, but if you want more color you could add one rich color like burgundy or blue to the decorations.

And, with the popularity of Victorian images around Christmas thanks to A Christmas Carol, you can even find pastel Christmas decorations that still fall into the classic style. These are perfect for creating a tree that falls onto the sweeter end of classic.


It might be traditional, but for those who prefer a classic Lolita look, the Victorian-inspired Christmas is a beautiful way to bring that fashion to your walls for the holiday season.

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Gothic Lolita

Black and sparkly!

Gothic Christmas

In an effort to pay homage to Moitie, I kept things simple for this. Mostly black (though touches of glitter add enough glitz to the tree to be worthy of the name lolita. The laser cut ornaments look a bit like basic screen printing, and a bit of bright royal blue adds the final Moitie touch.

And, once you've added the right ornaments to your tree, settle in for some gingerbread bats and watch a spooky Christmas classic.

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Sweet Lolita

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sweet Lolita isn’t usually my thing. However, sweet Lolita-inspired décor lets me play with my kitschier side.

A Sweet Lolita Christmas

Prepare yourself for the fakest of fake trees. With sweet Lolita’s usual color scheme, it’s the perfect style for those incredibly fake white trees. The brilliant white makes a great backdrop for the pastel shades of sweet. And, if you're really into the idea of cutesy artificial trees, you can even get a pink tree.

There are a ton of pastel ornaments available (even ones shaped like ice cream or candy!) that are perfect for a sweet Lolita. Keep it toward the pastel and sugary and you'll be ready for a sweet lolita Christmas in no time.

If you're into DIY (because, lets' face it, I am), there are a number of tutorials you can use to create really fun handmade ornaments. You can make your own paper candy canes in any color you like.

And, of course, it's not sweet lolita without the sweets. Cute decorated cookies are one of the best ways to decorate the season, and they'll get your season to a very sweet start.

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Next time, I’ll be moving a bit away from the frills and wandering off into the snow-filled woods of mori girl and dark mori.


  1. I might be a Gothic Lolita primarily, but I really do believe I'm not alone in not really liking Moitie that much. I find the designs are often too simple and I'm still iffy on that blue/black color scheme.

    You know what! I'll be inspired by your post and make a Gothic Lolita Christmas guide. ^_^

    1. ^_^ I'd love to see what you come up with!