Thursday, November 26, 2015

Making Big Things Happen: The Power of Details

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

-John Wooden

This is a post I've been wanting to make for a while, because I find that a lot of people that I know put a lot more focus on articles of clothing than they do on the outfit as a whole.

But, as John Wooden said, the little details are vital.

Accessories make a huge difference in how your outfit looks, especially if you (like me) tend toward the classic and the low key. They can make a Lolita look polished or completely change the genre of an outfit.

In the Details - Dots - Retro

The most natural pairing for this skirt is the style it's meant to be paired with - retro! So, of course, I pulled out the most retro pieces I could find: red mary jane pumps, backseam stockings, a kitschy cherry necklace, cat eye glasses, and pin curled hair.

But, just by changing a few details...

In the Details - Dots - Lolita Fashion

Different, isn't it? I used the same cardigan and skirt for the base of this, but I pushed the details toward the more recognizably Lolita. Adding a frilly blouse and wrist cuffs knocks it up a little. The many roses add a girlier touch. The shoes are, of course, very Lolita, and the little ruffly socks knock the ruffles up another notch.

This is just one example of how different an outfit can be with a group of accessory details. that's what I love about details: they can do really big things.

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