Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fashion Stretch: Girls in the Forest

So... this year's been something of a train wreck. I've been nonstop busy and stressed, and the one fashion-related thing that has been making me really happy is that my dear friend K got into mori girl thanks to me and looks perfectly adorable in it. She's developed a style that's lots of earthtones and autumn hues, but she's still not totally comfortable making outfits on her own.

Gee, wherever could she get someone to put together a few sample outfits for her?

I threw these together with her particular needs and uses in mind. The clothing had to be either DIY-able or available in plus sizes. It had to be easily added to a wardrobe that's mostly jeans and t-shirts without the need to go through a full wardrobe shift right away. It also had to fit her shape.

Patchwork Girl II

This outfit is meant to incorporate a really common thrift store purchase (or easy DIY project): the scrap basket skirt. This skirt is in a more traditional broomstick skirt line. K is fond of navy and burnt orange as colors individually, so I combined them here with lumpy and colorful knits and cozy fabrics to make a warm autumn outfit.

Patchwork Girl I

I'm quite fond of this weird little dress that I found on Ebay, in large part because it's available in plus size but has a really interesting fabric rather than the solid hues I've been seeing in my searches. I paired it with oatmeal and white here, but there are so many great colors in it that it could easily get much more colorful.

Huggable Forest Fairy III: Summer in Autumn

I'm actually mildly obsessed with how this outfit turned out. Between the scrap basket skirt, the color scheme that matches the leaves right now, and the summery cuts, I think it's a highly wearable and surprisingly versatile use of wardrobe pieces.

Huggable Forest Fairy II: Hobbity

AND PANTS. K wears a lot of jeans, so I wanted to put together a few intermediary outfits for her. This one has a lot of cozy mori-appropriate garments that could be recombined with skirts for a more traditional outfit but still incorporates the jeans she's already wearing.

Huggable Forest Fairy I: Casual AF

This one's more of a summer version of the above. With light fabrics in drapey lines that could easily be added to a traditional mori girl outfit, this is the same concept but for the summer: an outfit that could easily help K transition into the wardrobe she wants from the wardrobe she has.

As for me, I'm really trying to get back into blogging now that things have settled down a little. That's my goal.


  1. Those are lovely outfits! Have you considered freelancing as professional style consultant? I think you really have a knack for it.

    1. That's very kind of you to say!

      Interestingly enough, you're the second person in the past week who's told me that I should consider doing this professionally. I'd never really considered it, but I guess it's something I should look into. :)

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