Thursday, December 1, 2016

“Are You In A Play?” “No, Just Attending One”: The Lolita in the Audience to get back into blogging has been a challenge, but one topic essentially jumped up and demanded to be written about the other day: Lolita fashion in the audience. We’ve all heard the old “Are you in a play?” comment, but what happens if you’re attending a play? What if you’re headed to a concert? Or even just attending a showing at a local movie theater?

 Pass on the Poof

Yes, I know it’s a bit disappointing not to be able to wear a grand, poofy skirt, but this isn’t the time for your widest, fluffiest petticoats. Not only will your widest petticoats extend over the edge of a seat and infringe on the personal space of others in the audience, they could also make it harder to navigate balcony stairs or theatre bathrooms.

This also goes for attending a concert in the general admission section. Not only will your wide skirts probably get smooshed (and possible spilled upon), they will constantly be invading the personal space of others. Sometimes this can be good—poof has protected my personal space on more than one occasion—but there are still plenty of reasons to keep the poof from getting too extensive.

Instead, go with a little bit of skirt poof. You’ll still look fluffy, but you’ll have an easier time with the event itselfand that event should be why you’re there.

Keep Your Headwear Simple

This is another one that falls under the category of “respect for the rest of the audience.” Unless you’re sitting in the very back row — and that does put you at a disadvantage as an audience member yourself — it’s important to keep your headgear from getting in the way of someone else’s view. That could mean either keeping it close to your head or easily removable.

If you’re keeping your headgear close to your head, that means keeping your hair accessories pretty flat. Consider pillbox hats, flat bow headbands or clips, or even old school Lolita headdresses. It’s also important to keep your wig or hairstyle pretty small. After all, I wouldn’t want to have to attend the theatre and have a seat behind a rococo wig.

My outfit for a trip to see Into the Woods.
A gold headband was small enough to avoid
distraction but still add sparkle to my head.

If you prefer to keep your headgear easily removable, it’s a great time for full size hats. Not only are full size hats easy to remove and stow on your lap, they let you keep the style without sacrificing someone else’s view of the stage.

Keep Your Bag Small

I have trouble with this one because I have a gigantic camera that I tote everywhere with me, but keeping your bag to the smallest size possible will make any bag checks easier. It also makes it easier to keep that bag off your lap. This goes for all fashion, but it’s an element to consider.

This might also be a good time to stay away from stuffed animal bags with small pockets. I know they're adorable, but these small bags give you even smaller space. If you only want to bring your phone, keys, and ID, you might be fine. However, if you have a gigantic camera like I do or want to include other "just in case" items like your makeup or a small sewing kit, you might want to include a

Be Ready for Comments

I haven’t ever gone to a performance in Lolita and had the event go by without comment. Whether it’s the lady at the bag check, the representative from a local publication, or even just another attendee, someone always takes the time to say something. I’ve never had a negative comment, but I have found myself underprepared to receive the compliments I’ve gotten.

And have fun. Going to an event is a great excuse to bust out your favorite clothes—whether they are Lolita, mori girl, or just a nice dress—and you should enjoy it!


  1. Yessss poof is not the best thing to wear in a theatre... :D
    I've been to a final rehearsal this summer. The seat rows were arranged in a U shape and I sat right where this U bended. So in order to see everything I had to sit diagonal in my seat. It wasn't exactly comfortable and I wore harem pants which are the most comfy leg wear I can think of.
    So.. If I ever get the chance to go to the opera or a play in Lolita I'll opt for the casual variation :D
    Anywaysssssss... you look lovely, like you really enjoyed Into The Woods :) And I missed your posts! <3

  2. I would like to share my own theater experience with you guys by saying that it is one of the most adrenaline boosting and thrilling experiences i have ever had. Anyways, thanks for posting, good stuff.