Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspired Outfits: Moby Dick

Ah, Moby Dick. It's one of those books that you generally love or you hate. I, personally, love it, but that love was hard-won. It took me twice through the book to really find my sea legs, but now it's a favorite. Herman Melville makes me want to raise anchor and feel the salty air.

In the spirit of my admiration of Moby Dick, then, I made this:
Moby Dick
I went for a Lolita-inspired look here, very classic and nautical. The colors are, of course, inspired by this vintage cover of Melville's classic (which I love; isn't that just the most glorious image?). I wanted to keep it low-budget and nautical, and I think I achieved that.

This also offers a great tip for anyone who, like me, hits spring and begins to lust after sailor dresses. Bow neck blouses, layered with a jumper or low-cut sweater, create a similar effect without the limited nature of a sailor dress.

Anchors away!

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