Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regular Broadcast for a Shameless Contest Post

As I've mentioned before, I love indie Lolita brands, so when I saw that Lady Sloth was running a contest, I simply had to enter. To enter the contest, I had to design my dream coord made with the lovely dresses she makes, and this is what I created.

A Walk Through St. James' Park

The skirt is her St. James's Park skirt, which I think is absolutely lovely. I decided to take a lot of historical influence (by which nobody is surprised) and put together what is very much a rococo outfit. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a rococo-esque bodice in a color I liked in cotton, so I had to use one in satin.

To keep it from getting too fancy (a danger with satin), I tried to keep the accessories fairly simple. The leather boots have a low heel and minimal embellishment. The hat is straw. A simple choker and cameo ring are the only jewelry. The tights are simple. The bodice embellishments are only flowers.

An updo, of course, is the only way to wear the hair with this. There's too much historic influence not to. I'd even be half-tempted to do a hedgehog hairstyle to make it a little extra wild.

And, to anybody reading this, go. Enter the contest, or just gape at the pretties.

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