Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet Skirt, Classic Eye: A Few More Examples

After last week's clothing sets based on the skirt I gave my cousin, I was inspired to break out of the limited wardrobe I used and do a few more. It's a challenge for me, being so much on the gothic and classic end of things, to play in the sugary world of sweet Lolita. So, in light of the fun I had making a few outfits for my cousin, here are a few more.

Sweet Skirt, Classic Eye III

This first outfit is, obviously, a winter outfit. I wanted to create something that would be just as adorable outdoors as it was indoors and, living in the upper midwest, that means warm accessories. Fur boots, a wool coat, a hat, gloves, a scarf. They're all pretty necessary. So are a nice thick set of tights or leggings (layered if it's really chilly) and a warm layer of actual clothing underneath. It's pretty simple, but it's adorable and in keeping with the style of the skirt.

Sweet Skirt, Classic Eye II

Another nice, simple outfit. I wanted this one to pick up on the green in the skirt. I was hoping for green flats, a blouse, or tights that matched that particular green, but I couldn't find any. Instead, I went with some accessories that will add touches of the same color.

Sweet Skirt, Classic Eye I

And, finally, the one that looks most like me. It's vintage-inspired with deep, rich shades. It's got a ruffled umbrella/parasol. It takes its cue from the early 20th century.

It's very me, and that surprises me.

What I've loved most about this project is that it got me out of my aesthetic and dumped me straight into a style that I know very little about and have a very tough time connecting with. Does this mean I'll be adding sweet skirts to my wardrobe? Probably not. Does it mean I have a much greater appreciation for girls who wear this on a regular basis? Yes, indeed.

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