Thursday, April 4, 2013

Holy Blogiversary, Batman: Where My Style is At Now

I've been running Bookish Beauty for just over a year and have updated pretty much once a week since I started.

That feels insane.

However, it does feel like a really good place to take stock of where my style is at compared to this time last year. So here we go!

In terms of genre (which anybody who's been reading for a while will be unsurprised by), my style has taken a pretty hard turn into lolita and otome-kei. It has been heading toward the frilly life for a while now, but over the course of the last year I've practically stopped wearing pants. That's quite the change. Beyond genre, my wardrobe is beginning to settle down in terms of color palette and versatility.

My hairstyles have become significantly more elaborate over the past year in terms of decoration. What started as a single barrette on occasion has turned into a display. I rarely wear my hair plain anymore. Whether it's a simple scrap of lace or a full-tilt arrangement with barrettes, flowers, and a beret, there is almost always something on my head. In terms of actual hair styling... well, my hair barely hits my shoulders and refuses to hold a curl for longer than fifteen minutes, so there has been almost zero actual styling going on save for the occasional braid. One could say I'm overcompensating with decorations, but I wouldn't say that myself.

My taste in jewelry hasn't changed, but my use of it certainly has. I've always been the sort to keep my outfits simple and load up on shiny things, but since my accessories moved off of their wall hooks and into a box I've been keeping it much simpler. Of course, by "simple," I mean "one enormous necklace at a time," but that still counts, right?

I've also gotten much more into historical clothing in the literal sense, and intend to incorporate more historically-inspired pieces into my wardrobe as a whole. Upcoming projects include a renaissance bodice, several dresses made from vintage patterns, a few Gibson girl blouses, a couple of fichus, and a Spenser jacket. All of which I intend to wear on a regular basis because I think they are perfectly wearable garments.

All in all, I don't think my style has changed much over the past year. It's just gotten more in a lot of ways. I've added more skirts and dresses to my wardrobe, more hair accessories in general and worn at a time, more confident about what I'm wearing, and more inclined to pull garments I like from the annals of history.

I like where I've gone in the past year, and I certainly intend to keep going.

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