Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taking a Break from Lolita: Yeah, It Happens

Over on Les Fleurs Noires, a question was posed recently:
I seem to find myself falling in and out of love with actually wearing Lolita. I still find it to be incredibly lovely, but I guess it's just not always practical for me to wear. Does that ever happen to you?
The answer, put simply, is yes.

Honestly, I take breaks all the time from lolita. Sometimes, I'll put in the work to wear it every day. Other times, I might go for a week or two or even three without actually wearing my frills. It depends on the week, the weather, the state of my laundry basket, my mood. Lolita isn't something I do because I have to do it. It's something I do because I want to do it, and sometimes I just don't want to.

Part of the reason why I take breaks is that I have a wide variety of interests. Sometimes I need to take a break and try something else. Sometimes I want to slouch back into the geek chic clothing that I wore in college. Other times I want to wear vintage. And sometimes I just want to go nuts and wear something completely different.

And that's okay.

A still shot from Kuragehime.
How am I supposed to pick just one jellyfish?
Some people are able to stick to a single style for a long time. That simply isn't me. I said it at the beginning of this blog, and it's still true: I'm a dabbler. I'm not the sort of person who sees a new style, dives in completely and sticks with it forever. I'm also not the sort of person who goes from intense passion to intense passion, revamping my wardrobe every year or so to suit my new look.

Make new friends, but keep the old, as the saying goes.

Honestly, I think that playing with my style helps me enjoy clothing more as a whole. Like the jellyfish pictured above, it's more fun when I have a lot to choose from. I will throw together an outfit that inspires me to put together a new coordinate.  I'll play with color combinations outside of lolita and then incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Lolita will always be there when I want to go back. As long as I'm having fun with my clothing, wearing clothing that works for my activities, and expressing myself, then I don't see anything wrong with taking a break from that style.

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