Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashion and Costuming: A Blog Hiatus

I have exciting news! And by "exciting news," I mean, "Please forgive me because I won't be able to blog regularly for a while."

I’m volunteering as the costume manager for my old high school. I know the director, and so when she said that the fall play was Seussical and she needed behind-the-scenes help, I volunteered. Since I’m living with my parents just two blocks from the school, I’m an easy distance from the auditorium. And, because she knows me, I got roped into planning most of the costumes that won’t be rented and possibly a puppet or ten.

I’m so excited to do that, but it’s going to take a chunk out of my free time. For the next two months or so, I probably won’t be updating this blog. I’ll come back of course, but for a little while I need to put my energy into creating brightly colored outfits for the Whos and feathered tails for a flock of sassy birds. I might post an outfit shot or two, and I'll definitely be posting something about the costuming process when I'm done, but posts will be rare until after the show gets done.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ve got a lot of birds to feather and a lot of characters to bring to life.


  1. On one hand that's too bad because I'd just started following you XD on the other hand though, and most important, this is a good thing for you :) I hope you'll have a lot of fun, this "job" sounds exciting and creative :D!

    1. And I'll be back. Hopefully with pictures of kangaroo puppets and other craziness. :)