Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crazy Item Wishlist: Antler or Ram's Horn Hair Clips

I really, really like ram's horn and deer antler-shaped hair clips.

I... have no excuse.

This irrational consumer lust is the combination of several different influences. First, costuming; I've always loved costuming and these little accessories are a small costumey item that is easy to add to a non-costume outfit. Two, fairies; I've been a fangirl for folklore and mythology since I was tiny, and any reference to fauns, satyrs, the Wild Hunt, or the Horned One is fine by me. Finally, that whole deer trend that happened a while back in lolita; After seeing so many adorable girls with antlers on their heads, I wanted one, too.

There is no reason for me to love these, but I do. From the awesome antler headbands that stick up from hair clips or elastic headbands and look like real antlers sprouted from my head to simpler hair clips that will lay flat against my head and confuse onlookers, I want them.

Little Fawn

Here's a cutesy tribute to the fawn trend in Lolita. I tried to keep the actual deer elements sparse, with a fawn fur cape, the antlers, and a few deer on the skirt. Everything else is much simpler, because this isn't cosplay; it's lolita.

The Wild Hunt

And, full tilt costume time! As previously mentioned, the Wild Hunt is sort of one of my things. No matter what incarnation of this story, I love the idea of a hellish hunt going across the sky. Especially when it involves fairies, who are much scarier than popular culture gives them credit for.

This is an outfit I threw together for the fierce and hollow-eyed Fair Folk who pose a danger to your soul.

Unfortunately, this incarnation of irrational consumer lust is... well, irrational. There aren't as many ways to use the items, but they are incredibly fun.


  1. Ooh as a pagan who works with the Fae, I love this post.

    I absolutely adore the look of horns and antlers. It's my hope that sometime this summer I can come across something workable in the natural world and fashion myself an antler headdress. Yeah!

    1. I hope you can find something workable, too, because that sounds delightful!