Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fashion Videos: Lolita Documentaries

One thing I love about the growing Lolita community in the English-speaking world is that it's getting easier by the day to find videos of Lolitas. Of course, there will always be unfortunate moments when people outside the fashion don't understand or are intentionally misleading (My Strange Addiction and an episode of What Not To Wear have certainly done their part on that front). However, there are also a variety of short videos that actually get to the heart of what the fashion is all about.

These are certainly not all the information about lolita that is out there, but they are certainly a good primer for explaining the fashion to friends and family who are having a hard time understanding the fashion. That's my favorite thing about these videos: they are bite-sized information that is easy to introduce to those who aren't well versed in the world of Lolita.

In light of that, here are a couple of my favorite Lolita videos.

The first is Sugar Coated, the most recent documentary. It focuses on the LA lolita scene.

This one's the newest of the videos I'm including here. This one's a great primer for community outsiders because it lights on many of the reasons why the featured Lolitas participate in the style. Confidence and self-expression are huge in this video.

I also love Jordan and Dina's presence in the video. It's great for a guy who's into Lolita to have a voice in the video, and it's also wonderful for someone with religious reasons to have an input in the documentary.

The second is Lace and Petticoats, which comes from the Australian community.

This video has some pretty good information about the history of Lolita, gives a good view of the different styles, and treats the people speaking with respect. This one is tailor made for new Lolitas, in my opinion.

I also really appreciate the sense of humor these ladies bring to the table. The stories they share make me smile, and their ability to find humor in some of the idiotic comments people make is admirable.

However, I do disagree with the emphasis on brand. I'm a huge fan of offbrand and DIY options (obviously), so I do wish there had been mention of those options.

Unfortunately, it's no longer online, but LoliGirls: The Story Behind The Frills and Bows was a great older video about the fashion from a western perspective. I wish I could show the whole video to you, because I really enjoyed it.

What about you? Do you have a favorite video about Lolita that I haven't included here?

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