Monday, January 26, 2015

"I Was Raised To Be Charming, Not Sincere": A Coordinate for 'Into the Woods'

Over a month ago, my friends decided that we should go out to Into the Woods together. I am, of course, not opposed to this idea - I love the musical and the reason they decided we needed to go together was because I was the one who first introduced them to the show. Two of my cousins got in on the act, so the group of five set a date. And, because I love dressing up to go out with my friends and this was a golden opportunity to create something with a theme.

But what to wear?

The answer to that question wasn't really as simple as it ought to be. At first I thought I should channel something dolly kei for the show, something witchy and wild. But, then, I looked at my wardrobe and didn't find anything that spoke to that as much as I should like. Eventually, I lighted upon the world of the princes and the palace. Vain, charming, and insincere, but with a richness to them that I appreciate.

This outfit is a few weeks old, but my friend who took the pictures wasn't able to send them to me until today.

This dress is gorgeous. My one disappointment with it is that it doesn't fit well in the bust. I can wear it with my chest unbound, but it turns into a horrendous underbust. As a result, I wore two sports bras and a binder to keep my chest flat and the dress fitting properly. Not uncomfortable, but I do wish I had the option to not bind everything up.

I considered lace tights, but I sacrificed the fancy tights for the time and durability I needed to hang out with my friends and have fun.

The blouse is a recent Forever21 purchase. The sleeves are lovely and drapey, the fabric breathes well, and it's just nice.

Just a couple of detail shots that my friend insisted on taking for me. The brooch is a vintage piece that I wear all the time. The buttons are just pretty.

My hair was a last minute decision, and the only real requirement was that it could not block the view of theatergoers behind me. I had considered doing a full head of curls, but, as I've mentioned before, they won't really stay in my hair. I had also considered doing a braided updo, but I didn't have time to polish up my coordinated hair flowers. Eventually, I just did a very simple updo; it's literally a low ponytail pinned up and under the bulk of my hair. Then I curled a few strands of hair to frame my face. I topped it off with a gold headband that I purchased on sale.

Outfit rundown:
Dress: Infanta (secondhand)
Blouse: Love21 by Forever21
Underskirts: Secondhand
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Headband: Gordmans
Brooch: Vintage 
Shoes: Payless
Honestly, the most fun thing about this outfit was the reactions it got. From mall and fast food employees telling me how cute I looked to a mother in Hot Topic pulling me aside and telling me how nice it was to see someone dressing up just because, there were so many nice comments that they really outweighed the people staring. I even got my first "Are you in a play?", which was amusing because everyone I was with gleefully informed the asker that this is just how I dress, and isn't it cool?

My favorite reaction, though, was from a tiny child (maybe a year old) in Target. She smiled a huge smile at me while toddling after her father and then waved. And waved. And waved. It made me feel magical.


  1. I think that's lovely and those colors look SO GOOD on you!

    How was the movie, anyways?

    1. Thank you!

      The movie was actually a lot better than I had any right to hope for. It's a fairly good adaptation - all of the changes made sense in the context of film with the exception of one awkward time skip - and the performances were good. I will always prefer the stage show, but it's worth watching for "Agony," especially.