Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lolita in the Office: Using Lolita Pieces in Office Wear

This might be one of her subtle looks,
but it's probably not right for the office IRL.
As much as I had fun watching Deka Wanko, Ichiko doesn't dress appropriately for her workplace. She's adorable most of the time, but almost all of her looks are not right for her job. She's not the example you should be following.

Being a Lolita at work can be a challenge. While goth is easy to incorporate into the color scheme of office wear, Lolita’s complexity and varied styles can be a challenge. So I’ve thought about it and pulled together a list of pieces from your Lolita wardrobe that should be able to be pulled into your work wardrobe.

Word of warning, though: I’m a classic Lolita. I tend toward classic patterns and simple lines already. Most of the pieces I gravitate toward are “normal” to the point of being almost casual. I turn down the ruffles and stick to classic lines because that’s what I do. If you’re into OTT sweet, this might not be the post for you.

Pieces to Pull From Your Wardrobe

Yes, you can wear your Lolita clothing in the office! Some pieces will be more appropriate than others, of course, but knowing what to pull from your wardrobe is a good way to bring together a look that suits your style and your workplace.

Cardigans – If you’re a fan of simple cardigans – and I am – they will serve you well both in your Lolita wardrobe and your mainstream wardrobe. My cardigans are mostly cropped pieces, so I have to be careful that they hit the right place on any outfit I wear them with. I have a lot of little black dresses and often layer a cardigan over them or pair my cardigans with a basic shell and a pencil skirt.

Cutsews or Simple Blouses – Cutsews are usually a lot simpler than most Lolita blouses, but simple blouses will serve much the same purpose. What you’re looking for is the piece that skirts the edge of Lolita but still looks good with your frilly fashion. I pair my cutsews with slacks or with simple pencil skirts for work.

Simple Skirts – Skirts in simple patterns – think florals, solids, stripes, or plaids – and with clean lines will work nicely when paired with other office-appropriate staples. This is not the time for your very ruffly skirts. Keep things as simple as possible, though, and you will be able to wear them much more easily. This goes double for circle skirts; fuller than an a-line but with the same clean lines, circle skirts are a retro staple that looks nice when paired with an all-business blouse and vest, for example.

Accessories – While I would recommend leaving the plastic candy-shaped pieces and oversized head-eating bows at home, pulling in a few of your Lolita accessories for an office look should work. I have a lot of brooches, and I pin them to my blouses all the time. But don’t overload on your accessories! Pick the one piece or two pieces that you most want to wear and use it as an accent for your outfit.

If you want to see some great combinations using individual pieces, check out Her Curious Elegance. She pulled together a great post about using Lolita pieces in office looks.

The Biggest Thing

Keep it subtle. Pick one or two pieces and focus on those rather than adding all the Lolita touches in one go. Think casual Lolita, not OTT. And don’t be afraid to drop the Lolita completely if you’ve got a big meeting coming up. Fashion is one thing, but dressing for the event is more important.

Do you wear your Lolita pieces to work? If so, do you have any tips of your own?

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