Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cutie on the Clock: Being Cute When You're Strapped for Time

Getting into alternative fashion takes time, and if you're anything like me you probably don't always have time to frill yourself up. That doesn't mean you have to give up on your cute (or spooky, or foresty) inclinations. You just need to get a little creative.

I work in an office and am usually pretty strapped for time, so I know this feeling all too well. These are the ways that I bring my alternative leanings into my life when I just don't have time to dress up.


I am a huge fan of character bento for making me feel adorable when I don't have much time to actually be adorable. Now, character bento might seem like it's going to take up a ton of your time, but it really doesn't have to. My favorite way to do my bento is to do a bunch of freezer-safe bento additions every few weeks, then eat off that stash for another few weeks.

The first step for me is to make cute milk buns because they are easy to form into animal shapes, much more freezer friendly than rice, can be filled with thick fillings if I am so inclined, and make my lunch cute with the absolute minimum of effort. Some batches end up with food coloring in them, but most are white.

 I also have a stock of plastic cupcake toppers from the local dollar store. Nothing says cutesy and spooky like a mini kebab on a stick topped with a little black bat.

And, as an added bonus, I can eat healthy and still look forward to every day's lunch!

Yes, this was as tasty as it was cute!

Femme Up Your Shirts

One of the things I work very hard to do with my wardrobe is buy almost exclusively pieces that can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. I love my cutsew and blouse collection because I can wear them dressed up with lolita or in a more "normal" office outfit. Granted, my coworkers have pointed out that I apparently always look cute, so normal isn't going to be exactly where I land, but it certainly doesn't hurt my mood any!

The real advantage to this is that wearing cute shirts with regular dress pants or skirts doesn't take much work but really adds some cuteness to the outfit as a whole.

Add Some Cute to Your Cube

I work in an office, and I know that it can be really difficult to wear alternative fashion in that sort of setting. However, I also know that it's worth it to bring some of your alternative style to your office setting. My cube has seasonal decorations (like my little woodland setting this winter) and some decorations that should be seasonal but instead stay forever (like my dancing skeleton who lives by my grammar books).

Even if I end up in a heavy sweater and jeans for the workday, surrounding myself with things that reflect my personal brand of weird is a really good way to keep myself happy.

My little display from this past winter.

Make Mine Music

One of the biggest time drains in my life is my morning and evening commute, but well-chosen music takes that from frustrating to the "me time" that I need. I have a number of old school mix CDs stocked with anything from folklore-inspired music to metal to guitar-driven numbers.

What about you? What do you do to express your alternative leanings when you're strapped for time?


  1. These are really good suggestions, particularly the bento! I'd never have thought that could be made less time-consuming to do.

    1. Basically anything that can be frozen works well to save time. I also freeze rice balls (while hot), sandwiches (without vegetables) and individual proportions of meatballs, meatloaf, and other denser pre-cooked meat items.

  2. Another interesting blog post by you, I always love reading reading your entries!

    It seems that I want to buy the same kind of cutsews that you own, so I would have loved to see some cutsew pictures in your post ;)
    Could you recommend any shops for cutsews? (But I am plus-sized, not sure if you are as well.)
    Or did you make them / lolify "normal" tops from the retailer?

    1. Thank you!

      Ooh, cutsews. I find most of mine at thrift stores or on ebay, actually. I search for cutsews with a lace yoke (they were popular a few years back) and usually cover search terms like "Victorian," "prairie," and "lace". I am also very fond of knit tops from HeartSoul; they tend to release rufflier tops in the winter, and I've found them at Gordmans and Kohls in the juniors section most often.

      As for lolifying tops, I do a bit of that, though I tend to keep that with my casual stuff. One of my favorite ways to lolify a top is a lace mock turtleneck to peek out of a round neckline. I get mine as crop tops from Ola Mari Clothing (though I'm not sure if the sizing would suit you; it's something I wasn't sure about for myself) and then toss them on for a bit of lace under a plainer top.

      As for wardrobey things, I've been meaning to get some pictures taken of them. Your comment might be the kick in the pants I need for that.

    2. Thank you very much for coming back to me! I found your explanations quite interesting.

      I am not from the US, so all the shops you mentionned do not have a physical store in my country, but of course I could order online.

      I am planning to sew some cutsews from stretch as soon as I have more time, using an existing plain t-shirt as pattern ;)

    3. Of course! :) Your comment actually inspired me to get working on a post about cutsews, which will hopefully be done soonishly.

    4. I will be looking out for your future post about the cutsews ^___^