Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fashion Vloggers I Love

Another Valentine's Day, another list of people creating great content about fashion. I watch (or, rather, listen) to a lot of vloggers during the work day, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! They've all got alternative fashion leanings, though that isn't necessarily the primary subject of their vlogs.

Princess Peachie

I've mentioned Princess Peachie on my blog before, and it doesn't bother me a bit to mention her again. Her style is much, much sweeter than mine will ever be, but her enthusiasm for her fashion style and her kindness shine through in her videos and that is what makes me excited every time she uploads a new video.

Recommended video:


Mai is someone I found through her strega and mori girl outfits on Tumblr,and I'm terribly glad that I did. Her accent is cute, and I enjoy listening to her sing or talk about life. She's got some great style and has an enjoyable breadth of subject matter.

Recommended video:


Another adorable lady who doesn't solely cover fashion topics. She's got pink hair, talks openly about depression and gender issues, and occasionally posts tutorials that make me envy her hair forever.

Recommended video:


Do you love tutorials? I love tutorials. If you're looking for some fun DIY tips, a few lolita reviews, and some delightful random vlogs, this is a great option. She's also another person whose accent I find a delight to listen to.

Recommended video:

Do you have any vloggers you love? I'd be happy to have your recommendations!


  1. Wow, hi, thank you :D I've followed your blog for while and always enjoyed your posts, though I never comment because I'm a bit socially awkward. But thank you for your kind words ^^
    Vloggers I love to watch are Hello Batty (goth & other cool fashions and random vlogs), Vanilla Bear (classic lolita videos and unboxings) an Princess Fancypants who makes mostly make-up videos but has some lolita videos too and she's adorable. I spend way too much time on youtube :D

    1. :) That's okay. I tend to lurk, too.

      I'll have to check those out! (I know the feeling of spending too much time on youtube. I listen to videos almost nonstop while I'm working because I'm at a computer-heavy office job.)