Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Sepia-Toned Sock Hop

You remember how I said I had another bridal shower to go to? Well, I unfortunately ended up having to miss it due to a writing challenge for a job application I sent out. So, instead of wearing it to the bridal shower, I wore it to church this morning and am wearing it out to go see The Avengers in theaters this evening.

This isn't strictly Lolita, more Lolita and vintage inspired otome kei (and, oh, can you ever tell that I tend toward classic Lolita!). The skirt is really full, but I decided not to wear a petticoat because my uber-full cupcake-y one wouldn't have let it hang nicely and I just had to retire my a-line.

Since boyfriendthing and I have long known that we were going to go this weekend to see The Avengers, I had originally thought to do something more like this old outfit of the day, something Loki-inspired and interestingly superhero-y. But then, after having to miss the bridal shower, I turned around and went with the excessively girly outfit with leather-and-stud accents because if I've got to miss a social occasion where I have an excuse to dress up, I'm going to find another way to wear the outfit!

This outfit sees the return of the awesome shoes I got from London Underground:

As well as my favorite necklace of all time which also stands as proof that anything 1928 Jewelry touches turns to solid awesome:

Some secondhand items including a fantastic belt that I got as swag from another purchase that miraculously fits as well as a rather ludicrously tiny purse that I got a while back specifically to match all of the pink floral things I seem to be collecting in my wardrobe:

And a couple of recent Shop-Ko purchases made specifically to match all of my neutrals and pinks to round out the outfit:

My mother frowned upon my original shirt choice, which was my "Shakespeare hates your emo poems" shirt, but despite that minor setback I'm rather pleased with this outfit.
Outfit Rundown:
Tights: Willow Bay, purchased at Shop-Ko
Headband: Gem Bella, purchased at Shop-Ko
Necklace: 1928, purchased at Shop-Ko
Skirt: DownEast Basics, purchased from Modcloth
Shoes: London Underground
Shirt: Maurice's, purchased secondhand
Belt: secondhand, part of the swag from my purchase from the lovely lady who runs Fuck Yeah Classic Lolita. (one of these days, I'm going to get a picture of the dress I bought from her. It's gorgeous)
Purse: Kimchi Blue, modified, purchased off EGL Comm Sales

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