Friday, August 24, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Pink and Fawn for the Office

So, as anybody who read my apology for not posting in July knows, I got a new job. It's a blessing that my new place of work is pretty free with the dress code, because it means I am afforded rather a lot of self-expression in my office attire. This is what I wore today (please forgive the funky paint job; my current place of residence has a rather eccentric design).

The style is otome kei largely informed by my interest in lolita fashion, classic lolita specifically. In fact, I'd have worn my petticoat with it if it weren't for the fact that my petti doesn't fit in my office chair. Likewise, I'd have worn a blouse with fuller sleeves if I didn't have to deal with the strange temperature control.

Here's what I wore on my head today. The flocked fawn barrette is handmade, and if you can't see the bit of white peeking out past the pink rose, I am wearing a sort of headband with all of this. My real favorite is the "antique gold" floral hair clip which looks like I'm wearing a hen and chicks plant on my head. I can't say enough positive about that.

For jewelry, I have a rather eclectic mix today.

I picked up this locket a few years back in a thrift store. It's pretty large, and my friends joked that it must contain a soul if it's that ornate and large. I don't know about that, but it sure is pretty.

I know it's hard to read the bracelet here. It says "like gold to aery thinness beat." It's a quote from one of John Donne's poems, "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning," which expresses the strength of the speaker's connection to his beloved although they are parted: like gold, it can be beaten and stretched to an airy thinness without breaking. As I am currently in a long distance relationship, the quote is comforting to me. I wear this bracelet almost every day.

The ring is handmade with an Arthur Rackham illustration. I love Rackham. His stuff is absolutely mad.

And, moving toward the feet, here's a closeup of the texture on the tights. These were purchased off the clearance rack at Target and are like a mashup of vintage-y polka dot pantyhose and fishnets.

And, last but not least, my shoes. Let it never be forgotten that I love this pair of shoes. They're holding up quite nicely considering how often I wear them.

Outfit Rundown:
Locket: Secondhand
Bracelet: Custom made by Lauren Elaine Designs on Etsy
Ring: Handmade
Flower Barrettes: Claire's
Deer Barrette: Handmade
Vest: Maurice's (Secondhand)
Shirt: Mossimo (Secondhand)
Skirt: DownEast Basics via Modcloth
Shoes: London Underground
Headband: Just a scrap of lace I wrapped around my head
Tights: Target

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  1. Wonderful dress idea you have shared for office day and I can bet you were also rocking in this combination too. Great choice.