Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Little More Polyvore: Edwardian Inspiration

After last week's feature on Edwardian inspiration in lolita, I decided to pull some of that inspiration out myself and create a few outfits that take their cue from the early 1900s.

A very simple, very-nearly-shiro lolita outfit. For this one, I pulled influence from Edwardian hats and blouses. The high neckline and yoke of the dress mimic the blouses popular at the time, and the straw boater hat is a perfect hat for a day at the beach. The shoes are another favorite element: recreations by The American Duchess.

The parasol keeps the whole look delicate and ladylike while adding a very practical sun shade to the style.

By The Sea II

Of course, any Edwardian-inspired lolita set would be nothing without a sailor dress, hearkening back to the classic sailor-style bathing costumes so popular during the Edwardian era. It really is as simple as a sailor OP.

Edwardian Inspiration: The Suffragette

Votes for women!

One thing I've always loved about the Edwardian era was that it was a time of change, and a large part of that was women calling for the right to vote. So here's a little outfit inspired by the suffragette. As you can see, I pulled in the a-line silhouette to mimic the columnar silhouette of skirts at the time. The vintage hat doubles as a color reference and, of course, another hat. The lace blouse (with a tie) has the high neckline I was talking about as well as some lovely lace details to keep it from being too plain.

And, of course, the shoes are ready to take to the streets.

Edwardian in Mourning

And some gothiness to round everything out. A fabulously extravagant hat like this needs something a little fancier, so I used lace tights and a satin blouse. These are the same American Duchess shoes, but in black. They're just as fabulous in either color.

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