Sunday, June 2, 2013

International Lolita Day: Summer 2013

Woo, International Lolita Day!

This is another Lolita Day where I am not able to actually participate in the festivities, unfortunately. Last year, I was attending a play with a friend of mine and did, in fact, wear lolita, but the day was too busy with the already planned socialization to add a meet to the roster.

This year, I'm missing the festivities because the boyfriendthing is visiting.

Ah, well. I can dress in frills anyway, right?

So this is what I wore, more or less. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of my outfit yesterday and most of it went into the wash last night, so here's a Polyvore approximation!

Strawberries and Straw Hats
Strawberries and Straw Hats

So that's what I wore. To a picnic with the boyfriend.

I hope everybody had a wonderful International Lolita Day. Maybe next time I'll have pictures from a meetup to show you.

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