Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Product Review: Paradise Rose

I finally caved and bought a rectangle headdress for an outfit I've had in my head for ages. My Meta JSK has been hanging in my closet because I've run out of summer-appropriate ways to coordinate it and, thus, have run out of inspiration.

And then I decided to create something a little bit old school.

While I could have made a rectangle headdress myself, I've been much more focused on getting a new skirt made. And, because I don't have the face or haircut for those massively oversized headdresses, I ended up getting this headdress from Paradise Rose on Etsy.

The big draw for me on this headdress in particular was the fact that it attaches using basic alligator clips instead of tie ribbons. My head is shaped in such a way that headbands don't stay in for more than fifteen minutes unless they're pinned down, so I really do appreciate the way this one is made.

I was also drawn to how narrow it is. Wider headdresses would look wrong with my short hair, but this will do much better.

I made the order on August 11th, and it arrived on the 16th, so it made pretty good time and the paper portions of the contents weren't so much as bent. Well done on that.

 The packaging was darling. All of it was VERY sweet and matched quite nicely. Sweet might not be my style, but the sugary pinkness definitely made me smile. There was a business card taped to a note about the shop and a mystery package along with the darling pink bag that held my headdress.

The headdress itself was quite nice. She used nice alligator clips and they were oriented in just the right way for easy wear; getting them in the right direction might not seem like it's essential, but I've seen some major craft issues come out of Etsy and it was nice to know that she had the details down.

I did have to dock her slightly for the rippled look of the ribbons. I love the look of it overall, though, the lace is nice, and I don't imagine that the rippled ribbons will prove much of a problem. when it's actually worn.

As an added bonus, the lovely owner of the shop sent me an extra gift! I opened up the tiny mystery package and found a handwritten note, a mini business card, and this bracelet. Apparently it's the fifth anniversary for the shop, so I was sent an adorable bracelet with pastel star beads. It was a delightful surprise, as was the "thank you" coupon that was included with the package. Little touches that made me so, so happy.

The rundown:
Brand: Paradise Rose
Type: White Thin Lace Lolita Headdress
Shipping: 10/10
Quality: 7/10
Overall Score: 8.5/10
 I'm still thinking about whether or not I want to order another headdress, but that has nothing at all to do with the rippled ribbon and everything to do with me not knowing how my headdress will fit into my wardrobe. If I decide I like wearing this one - and I love the look of it so far - I may well buy another.


  1. I have the same problem with ribbons and headbands. I really adore those mini hats that used to be popular in Lolita, but I'd always have to cut away the ribbon part and attach my own clips.

    1. DIY is a blessing, isn't it? I swear, I wouldn't be able to accessorize without it.