Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shoe-torials: Shoe Makeovers for Classic Lolita

As anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know, I’m a huge fan of DIY. Crafting and sewing are a big part of how I build my wardrobe, and I would really like to start doing shoe makeovers.

What better time to bring together shoe tutorials?

Most of these are geared toward classic Lolita. I might do another post for sweet Lolita or gothic, but for now I’m playing in historical end of things. Again.

Painted Wingtip Pumps

These are definitely a shoe for classic lolita, but I imagine you could easily incorporate them into other coordinates that tend toward the classic side of the spectrum. Done in ivory and pastels, they'd be a charming addition to a sweet coordinate. They would also be charming done in black and gray, for example, for a gothic coordinate.

Rococo, anyone? Historical shoes are a really fun addition to classic coordinates, and these shoes are a delight to see. You can use this tutorial to make shoes in almost any colors, from delicate ivory to dark black, meaning you can match them to almost any coord. The only real disadvantage to these mules is that they don’t have anything keeping them strapped to your feet, but it really wouldn’t be hard to alter the shoes to include a bit at the heel.

I’ve thought these were pretty darn perfect for a while now. While they are a little less subtle than many shoes used for classic Lolita, they would be a great touch to coords inspired by fairy tales or mythology –“The Six Swans”, for example. They can be worn with either oxfords or granny boots, both of which are favorite shoe types for me.

More historical shoes! These are flats with flair, making them a good option for girls who want to have a more opulent look but don’t like wearing heels.

More flats! Looking for comfortable shoes for casual classic Lolita? I’m sure these would fit the bill perfectly. A little touch of lace applique is elegant and adds color without being bulky or overbearing.

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