Monday, April 6, 2015

A Scene From My Easter Celebrations

Yesterday I wore Lolita to celebrate Easter. A large part of the reason for this was that I have no other pastel dresses that fit right now, so my pink floral Metamorphose JSK was my only light-colored option. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures; the weekend was too hectic.

While I was at my uncle's house for a family gathering after church (having stripped off my JSK for comfort so that I was wearing my underskirt and blouse), my great aunt turned to me.
My Great Aunt: "Let me see what you're wearing... Do girls really still dress like that?"
My Aunt: "Not really. But Emily does. You should see the dress she had over that earlier; it's so pretty!"

I love that my family has gotten used to me wearing Lolita for special events and that they support my decision. I also love that they've fully accepted my bonkers style as a thing about me. I just felt that was worth sharing in case anyone's reading this blog and wondering if their family will ever accept their style.


  1. I love stories like this. I'm thinking of wearing Lolita to a family bbq soon - my great aunts like my photos on Facebook, though I'm not sure how my aunt and uncle will react

    1. If you start with a more casual look (which is appropriate for a barbecue), I don't imagine anyone will object - though I hope they love it. :)