Saturday, April 18, 2015

Product Review: The Return of Eat Me Ink Me

I've actually made three Eat Me Ink Me orders over the past several years, but I totally spaced on writing a proper review for the cutsew I purchased from the shop. However, the fact that I was as impressed as I was with my first order and the that I went back for another should tell you that my forgotten second review would have been positive.

About a month ago, I placed my third order for this lovely little skirt.


This is the most autumnal toile that I've ever seen and I thought it would go perfectly with the growing amount of burgundy in my wardrobe.

I ordered the skirt on March 20th, and it arrived on April 18th. This is, I admit, much longer than my previous few orders took, but that isn't the fault of Eat Me Ink Me. They shipped the order quickly, but I am aware that international mail is taking longer than usual recently. Besides, if there's anything I can say about Eat Me Ink Me, it's that their service has always been impeccable. They've always shipped extraordinarily quickly, and every order I've placed has included a charming handwritten note.

This skirt really is no exception to that pattern of quality service. Another handwritten note (which is always one of my favorite details in an order) and a business card came with the piece.

The color is a little different from the picture in my lighting, coming across more as a true burgundy than the lighter tone in the shop photograph. The yellow, too is more mellow and dark. Both of these make me like it more than the photo. Unfortunately, my camera didn't capture the true color well, either.

One of the most fun things about ordering multiple times from this shop is that I can see how the work has improved and how the details are becoming more precise. Here's a quick comparison of the tag on my first order (on the left) compared to the tag on my new skirt (on the right, forgive the blur):

 I've really loved seeing this brand develop over the past couple of years, and these skirts sort of encapsulate that for me.

The Rundown:
Brand: Eat Me Ink Me
Type: Cotton skirt with half-elastic waistband
Print: Mustard yellow and burgundy toile
Shipping: 7/10 (I have to dock for how long it took, but that is not their fault!)
Fit: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Overall Score: 9.25/10
By this point, I think you've probably figured out that this review is positive, but it bears repeating that I really do love the things I've purchased from Eat Me Ink Me and I've always have a positive experience. If you see something you love from their shop, it's worth buying because I really do think you'll love it as much as I love my purchases.

And, as an added bonus, a quick floordinate pulled from my laundry basket (colors, irritatingly, not at all true to real life...):


  1. That is so cute. If you got one in blue with pink accents, it'd look like an old Persian tome. Still kinda does, actually.