Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dabbling in Boystyle: A Thrift-Store Sourced Floordinate

This is going to be a quick update without much depth because I'm prepping for my first ever meet this weekend. Look out, MN Rufflebutts, because I'm taking my nerdiness north to meet you (and will probably be making a big ol' personal post to match)!

Anyway, boystyle.

I haven't really done all that much with boystyle, so  I decided after my recent secondhand splurges that I should try it out. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of this while it was actually on my body. Ah, well. Here's a shot of the whole outfit (which looks much less rectangular when it's actually on my body.

And a close up of the blouse ruffles, and pins I wore with it.

The homemade barrette that I tucked into my low ponytail for a bit of extra foppish flair.

And my old favorite London Underground shoes.

And for this outfit, because many of the items are more recent purchases, I have a price rundown as well as a brand rundown!
Shirt: Avenue, purchased secondhand for $12.50
Vest: Maurice's, purchased secondhand for $3.00
Cropped Pants: Sonoma, purchased secondhand for $2.00
Tights: Wal-Mart, $2.50
Shoes: London Underground, $30.00
Lapel Flower: handmade, approximately $2.00
Brooch: Taxidermy Her Bones, $25.00
Hair Accessories (to be tucked into a low ponytail): handmade, approximately $1.00
Total cost of outfit: $78.00
Now, $78.00 sounds like a lot, but it's actually not all that bad. The shoes, the brooch, and the shirt are the spendiest items, and they are quite the workhorses. I've worn the shoes at least once a week since I got them about a year ago, which brings the cost per wear down around $0.50. The shirt's pretty versatile, too. The brooch is a special item, but that, too, has been worn quite a few times.

And, as outfits go, the only "out there" (in terms of my wardrobe) item in this is the pair of pants. At $2.00, they're not as expensive as getting a pair of brand short pants, and I'm okay with that.

Will I be doing a ton of boystyle from now on? Probably not. Will I be wearing it occasionally? Oh, yes. Especially since it's summer and I want to be out on my bicycle; while I can bike in a skirt, I'd really rather not have to worry about it.

And now I'm off to get some work done before the weekend. Look out, MN Rufflebutts!


  1. That's such a cute coordinate. It's a shame I won't be able to make it though, take lots of photos!

    1. :) Apparently I can't make it now, either. I hope the rest of the girls take pictures, even if it ends up raining.