Thursday, June 13, 2013

This Was Way Harder Than It Should Have Been: My Lolita Playlist

Oh, the lolita playlist... meme... thing. It's about time I got into this.

This took me a lot longer than it probably should have because my lolita music is hard to divide from my music in general. As a result, the first things I think of when I think "lolita music" are the music that I listen to while wearing lolita, things like symphonic metal and psychedelic rock covers of Scots folk ballads. Which are... well, not lolita. At all. Unless your definition of lolita involves large, viking-like men shredding their electric guitars and bands with unpronounceable names.

Come to think of it, that would be kind of hilarious.

In the end, I was able to find music that I loved that actually felt like it matched my wardrobe. I went with the pieces of music that I would choose as a soundtrack to a wardrobe video if I ever made one.

1. "Shy Boy" by Secret

This one's on here because it has a delightful old-school girl group flair that I adore. It makes me super happy both because of the sound and because of the ridiculously adorable video.

2. "Throw it in the Bag" by M.C. Melody Doll

Tongue firmly planted in cheek - just the way I like it! I can't help but love this song. It's just so amusing.

3. . Mononoke Hime (Music Box) by Joe Hisaishi

I love music box arrangements of songs. They range from incredibly creepy to soothing to sparkly and cheerful, and I love that. I think it fits beautifully with lolita, too.

4. "Doll on a Music Box" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I grew up on this song and this movie, and the dainty tune combined with the slightly unnatural clockwork sounds go quite well with the way that my lolita style has evolved.

5. "The Depths Below" by The Cog is Dead

Part of what really got me into lolita was a love of Victoriana-inspired things. Steampunk is another extension of that love. Sometimes, I like to combine the two.

6. "1816, the Year Without a Summer" by Rasputina

I loves me some Rasputina. History and strangeness. Can't really think of more to say on that front.

7. "Carousel" by S. J. Tucker

I'm just going to let this one speak for itself.

8. "Missing Link" from Revolutionary Girl Utena

Utena fans, I'm sorry. This makes me cry, too. Anyway, this song is from my favorite anime of all time. I can't tell you why it feels like lolita to me. It just does.

9. "What If" by Emilie Autumn

This song. I love this song so much I cannot tell you. Don't judge based on appearances. People are wonderful and amazing things, beautifully unexpected. This one belongs on my lolita playlist because people judge my frills and expect me to be a certain way.

10. "Kaze Ni Naru" by Ayano Tsuji

Enduring favorite, this. I've listened to it a million times and will probably listen to it a million more. As much as I love the music video that she filmed, this more stripped down version from "The Cat Returns" is my favorite recording. It's just so stripped down and happy!


  1. Hello there! I grew up on "Doll in a music box" too. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a fondly remembered musical in my life. I would have never thought to think of a "Lolita" song either, but now that I do, I know it fits. I really like your blog, you have a lot of good stuff here. Have a good day!


    1. Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog! I hope you, too, have a wonderful day.