Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Lolita Questionnaire: Part IV

61. “There are rules in wearing Lolita”, how true is this statement to you? To what extent?
It’s true… ish. There are rules, but once you’ve got the hang of the style then I say feel free to bend or break a few.

62. Are you a crafty Lolita (Do you make your own accessories and/or pioneer your coords)?
Oh, heck yes! Apart from altering garments to suit my shape, I’ve made most of my own hair accessories and intend to start making clothing once my mother lets me use her serger.

63. Do you believe that there is an age limit to Lolita?
No, but I believe that everyone should consider both what is flattering and what makes them happy.

64. Finish this thought: Whatever you do, never…
Act with cruelty. Constructive criticism is one thing, but being a bully is another.

65. Is there an ideal image of what you feel a Lolita should be or that you aspire to be?
For me, I aspire to be the sort of person who is happy in what I’m wearing, generally put together, and kind enough that my clothing doesn’t matter as much as my personality.

66. What is your opinion of Brolitas?
Same as everybody else in the fashion: glad to meet you.

67. Has Lolita changed your life? If so, how?
Yes and no. Lolita has given me the confidence I needed in a lot of situations and allowed me to reclaim a few things I had lost over the years. I wholeheartedly believe that I would have gotten there eventually. Lolita just got me there faster.

68. What has been your friends and family’s general reaction to Lolita? How have you responded?
Positive, generally. I have only received one “You do know that’s a sex thing…” comment, which was just a terminology thing and was quickly shrugged off once I mentioned that there’s cultural and language differences that come into play in international fashion. Otherwise, everyone has been positive.

69. Does weather tend to affect you, while in Lolita?
Somewhat. Most of my clothes are either solid-colored or Bodyline, so running isn’t really an issue. Also, I have a massive umbrella collection that I must tell you about someday, so I’ve got a brolly to match almost every outfit.

70. Have you gone to school or work in Lolita?
Yes. I haven’t been to my current job in Lolita, but I’m working up to it.

71. Your top 5 Brands/and or Off-Brands?
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Juliette et Justine
  • Megan Maude
  • Krad Lanrete
  • Eat Me Ink Me
72. Do you tend to wear more Jumperskirts or One Piece Dresses? Do you have a preference?
I wear more JSKs because I haven’t found many OPs that fit over my bust. That problem should go away when I get around to making my own clothes, since I’ve got a few great patterns for OPs ready and waiting. For summer, I really do prefer OPs because of simplicity and decreased layering.

73. Have you ever used a shopping service?

74. Do you tend to look at the Japanese or English/Overseas Sites?
It depends on whether they HAVE an English site. I do check prices in Yen/USD and examine the conversion rate, though.

75. Is there a pair of  print OTK or UTK that you really want or love owning?
Nope. I’ve got chunky legs and they tend to distort prints, so I stick to patterned tights.

76. Do you enjoy or dislike prints in Lolita?
I like subtler prints. Some prints are too busy for my taste.

77. Do you have a coord you’re most proud of?
Nope. I’m always working to create better coords, so I don’t bother being “most proud” of any of them. I’m either proud or not proud, and I work from there.

78. Are you a savvy shopper? (Meaning, do you tend to wait for sales, find discounts and/or look to Etsy shops or non-lolita items to finish coords and cut costs?)
Oh, yes. Thrift stores, vintage anything, handmade… honestly, if I like it and it’s inexpensive, I don’t care if it’s not brand.

79. Do most of your coords turn out the way you initially intended?
Because I don’t dress for events most of the time, I don’t usually “intend.” I just sort of throw together what looks good and makes me happy at the time.

80. Do find yourself preferring one type of accessory over another? (Headdresses, Jewelry, Bags, etc.)
Hair accessories and hats are a huge thing for me. I also love brooches.

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