Friday, January 10, 2014

The Lolita Questionnaire: Part V

81. What is your “everyday” style?
Out of Lolita, whatever’s on the top of the pile. There's an upcoming post about what I wear when I'm not in frills.

82. Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes? (Closet Child, Egl, etc.)
Nope! Provided I’ve seen good pictures and there is some manner of safety net for feedback, I’m usually pretty good with it. I mean, I have been living in hand-me-downs and thrift store fare for years; I don’t see why my Lolita life should be any different.

83. Has Lolita had any affect on your romantic life, meaning, have you been in a healthy relationship, since finding the fashion/culture?
My boyfriend thinks it’s frilly? How I dress doesn’t really have any effect on the health of my relationship. My self-confidence does, but that's a result of more than just fashion.

84. *Dreamily* What is your ideal of a partner?
Someone smart, kind, and reasonably attractive. I like menfolk with pretty hands and nice voices.

85. What is your “deal breaker”? (Does not have to be related to the fashion)
Dishonesty! If people aren’t honest with me, I can’t deal with it.

86. *Gossip* Do you currently have someone you admire but feel they would reject you simply for wearing the fashion?
Anybody who would reject me entirely based on my clothing is not worth admiring. There are many facets of me, and I should hope they would at least respect my choice on this matter.

87. Would you, or have you worn, Lolita on a date? What would be your ideal date print/coord?
I’ve worn Lolita on several dates. At one point this past fall, I wore Bodyline’s gingham strawberry print (in saxe) to go on a picnic with my boyfriend, and it was lovely. I think my ideal coord really does depend on the event, because what I’d wear to a picnic is very different from what I’d wear to the theater.

88. Tell us the Lolita you admire the most, and why(?)
It depends on the day. Really, the person I admire most is whoever has most recently created something beautiful and expressive with the fashion.

89. What coord are you the most pleased with? Are there coords you wish to improve?
None, and yes. I’m always hoping to improve, but I don’t really classify things I am “most” proud of. I just work for an upward trend in quality.

90. Assuming you wanted a family, would you like for your children to wear the fashion?
If they wanted to, yes. If not, then I wouldn’t make them. I’d want children who had a good sense of self, whether that involved Lolita or not.

91. Have you ever dreamed about having your own Brand/Off-Brand/Store/Shop? If so, how do/did you imagine it?
Not really. I’ve considered starting my own shop, but it’s not related to Lolita at all.

92. What is your favorite Lolita motif? (Gothic, Sweet, Classic, etc.)

93. Is there a sub-fashion you adore and wish was more popular or accepted? (Qi/Wa, Country, Cyber Lolita, etc.) 
I love country lolita, and I wish it was more popular if just because finding accessories is tougher. Qi  and Wa lolita are gorgeous when done right, and I wish they were more popular if just so we could have more examples of them done right. Otherwise, I generally wish people were more accepting of PLAY in the fashion, because sometimes the community doesn’t do well with constructive criticism.

94. Is there an element in a print that you’re drawn to and adore? (Carousel, Religious Imagery, Chocolate, etc.)
Books. Crowns. Fairy tale prints. Florals. Nature prints. Swans. Fine art prints (depending on the art). Stained glass.

95. Is there a limit to how much you are willing to spend on a given coord?
Nope. It’s about cost per wear. I’m budget conscious, but it’s not an outfit-by-outfit basis. It’s based on whether an item pulls its weight in my wardrobe.

96. What was your most expensive coord?
Anything involving my Meta JSK. It wasn’t expensive in the traditional sense of the term, given that the JSK was 90 dollars and in good condition, but that is certainly more than I usually spend. I also have to go more OTT with the coords because of all the detail in the JSK itself. It demands a more ornate presentation, and that by its very nature makes any coord more expensive.

97. What, personally, do you feel is symbolic of Lolita?
If I must pick something symbolic, I’d say a garden of flowers. Everything is different, but they’re all frilly and pretty.

98. How do you feel about character inspired coords? (Not Cosplay, based on a character) 
You already know the answer to this. I like them rather a lot.

99. Do you tend to shop with any Lolita Artist Shops? (Etsy Shops or other non Off-Brand or Brand shops)
Yes. Especially for my accessories.

100. top five favorite prints of all time!
  • Grazia Crown
  •  British Library
  • Mozarabic Chant
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Ruins Cathedral

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